Our methodology relies on three simple, fundamental questions.


C O P E methodology

Information technology is advancing at a rapid pace and, combined with strong competition, is forcing companies to be evermore vigilant when it comes to planning their resources.

Whether your company is in full growth, continuing its activities, or looking to diversify, we will perform a full diagnosis of your business and help you develop a targeted strategy to generate maximum value and meet your goals.

Our methodology relies on three simple, fundamental questions:
Are we doing the right thing?
Are we doing it in the best way possible?
Are the tools proposed what you really need?



Analysis of business needs

Our analysis of your business needs is based on your strategic plan, and will bring a global vision to the various needs of your company’s internal and external stakeholders. This analysis will enable us to better target any gaps and focus on the right issues.

Managing change is vital to the success of any technological project. Mobilizing employees and managers every step of the way is one of your key factors to success.

The COPE method enables you to quickly target risks and opportunities for your organization.


We can help!

Once we identify your company’s issues and opportunities, implanting new technology becomes much simpler and more efficient. When executed properly, these steps will enable you do lessen resistance to change and implement the right strategies—all while eliminating unnecessary tasks and improving the sharing of information between key stakeholders at the best possible times so you can manage your company.

Our experts can then support you in the orientation of your project by:

  • suggesting improvements to your current system
  • building the base for a new system

Optimization of processes and tools

This step enables us to evaluate the processes and tools already in place at your company, as well as take a closer look at your company’s growth needs. It will help answer such questions as “Who does what?”, “When?”, and “How?” and determine what’s really going on in your company.

Documenting procedures and work methods

Here we will ask key players in your company what they think can be done to improve how it functions. Too often, employees will stop themselves from bringing ideas to the table when it comes to how to create the ideal work environment. This step allows us to organize work efficiently and increase the flexibility of your resources.


A plan adapted to your business reality takes into consideration both your current operations as well as your clients.
Project planning is vital for the efficient and effective management of technological projects—as well as helping to reduce any risks involved.

In today’s budgetary context, small and large technological projects alike benefit from a methodological framework based on industry best practices. This means the development of computer and project-management systems to help reduce risks associated with stumbling blocks and delays.

Project management is more than simply technical. It’s first and foremost a way of thinking, organizing, and applying know-how.


One step at a time

To optimize or integrate a new tool, you must first ensure it meets your needs and will not add to your workload or that of your employees.
Improvement and implantation of technical solutions:
This step will be facilitated and documented by the process approach, which allows us to pinpoint the right tools and functions to use in order to generate optimal results. Here, we will conduct training and set up a plan to manage your resources so your company can continue to grow and ensure customer satisfaction.

Follow up and performance indicators

Putting performance indicators in place will enable you to ensure your company has the right tools to meet your business needs. This is a vital step in the evaluation of process performance and maintenance, as it helps to ensure continuity.

Managing change is vital to the success of any technological project. Mobilizing employees and managers every step of the way is one of the key factors to success. No one likes to be faced with a done deal that affects their day-to-day work, which is why COPE enables you to quickly target risks and opportunities.