Why use Gestion COPE’s services?

Our business model is based on an integrated system of business management, methodology and tools designed to increase the performance of your business.

This is why we believe in offering support via the management of your business’s processes in order to increase your opportunities for a successful technological implantation. Because performance is all about a business’s life cycle, resources, and tools.


« I’m indignant, so I stay engaged. » 
 — Alexandre Taillefer

of all errors...

Did you know that 95% of human errors is the result of an inefficient process?

of activities are useful.

Only 40% of process activities are actually useful to a business.

Inefficiency accepted

Worse, that means we regularly accept being 60% inefficient!


Technology must serve users, not the other way around.

Technology is a crucial part of your operations. Acquiring a new system must be carefully thought out and analyzed.

Any system put into place needs to be coherent and efficient, enabling you to standardize the way you work. Unfortunately, this analysis is far too often done incorrectly and can become a real nightmare—both financially and operationally.

It is therefore essential to identify your financial and process goals in order to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

The system must also be set up rigorously. Far too often, users’ initial excitement gives way to frustration if their needs aren’t met from the get go. That’s why COPE has put together an efficient change-management system that will support you from A to Z.


We are committed to applying technology in a way that achieves your company’s objectives, and adapting it to your business context by:

  • suggesting simple strategies adapted to your business reality
  • sharing our know-how in plain language
  • presenting facts clearly

A rare and important point: COPE operates completely independently of solution providers.


A group of our multidisciplinary specialists are at your service in order to guarantee the success of your work reorganization.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology and communications fields:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Document management systems (DMS)
  • Online learning management systems (LMS)

We are rigorous in our work as well as our ability and able to simplify the management of your operations by getting input from key players—without losing sight of your core mission.